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MSPHDS: Minorities Striving and Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success in Earth System Science
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Classroom and Community Engagement and Mentoring Program (CCEMP)

This project has come to a close and is no longer active.

The elementary and secondary grades are pivotal for introducing and preparing students for interdisciplinary STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers. The CCEMP provided underrepresented minority 3rd through 7th graders and their Science Educators with increased exposure to Earth system science. The CCEMP program also provided Earth system science-related professional development activities for Science Educators within the Houston (Texas) Independent School District, Dallas (Texas) Independent School District, a public Charter School for Boys in Houston, Texas and Faith-based schools in Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas. In addition, CCEMP programming included Earth system science parent awareness and community engagement activities. During all of the CCEMP activities, MS PHD'S Fellows served as role-models and mentors, for participating underrepresented minority students who conducted a community and school re-cycling program, engaged in Earth System science classroom enrichment and hands-on science experiments covering several Earth system science related topics including: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, marine science, hydrology, coastal ecosystems, geology, meteorology, climate change, planetary science and environmental conservation, and Earth science curriculum materials, equipment and supplies. The CCEMP was implemented within the following institutional, academic and geographic educational environments:

  • Thompson Elementary School and Whidby Montessori Schools: Inner-city Public Elementary Schools - Houston, Texas; 150 students
  • Humphrey Lee Elementary School and Martin Weiss Elementary Talented and Gifted Programs: Inner-city Public Elementary Schools - Dallas, Texas- 45 students
  • A joint program with The Wheeler Christian Academy (Inner-city Faith-based school) and the William A. Lawson Institute for Peace and Prosperity Charter Academy for Boys at Texas Southern University (Public Charter School) - Houston, Texas - 70 students
  • Legacy Christian Academy: Inner-city Faith-based School - Atlanta, Georgia - 75 students
The following CCEMP goals were met during the expanded program period. The CCEMP:
  • Provided underrepresented minority 3rd-7th graders and Science Educators with increased exposure to Earth system science;
  • Assisted Science Educators to incorporate Digital Water Education Library (DWEL), National Science Digital Library (NSDL) and Digital Library of Earth System Education (DLESE) discovery and learning resources into their curriculum;
  • Exposed underrepresented minority students to Earth system science-related careers;
  • Introduced underrepresented minority students to new role models, MSPHD'S Fellows, pursuing degrees in Earth system science;
  • Partnered Spanish language dominant students with Spanish speaking mentors;
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of 3 Earth system science discovery and learning resources, posted reviews and provided catalog assistance for DLESE; and
  • Provided MSPHD'S Fellows with opportunities to share information about their chosen careers, academic and professional experiences, personal histories and goals, while serving as virtual and face-to-face mentors and science 'experts' for underrepresented minority elementary students.
The CCEMP is an outreach activity of the MS PHD'S Professional Development Program that has directly impacted 340 inner-city students from underrepresented minority populations. The CCEMP is an early pipeline program that facilitated the involvement of undergraduate and graduate students who completed all 3-phases of the MS PHD'S Professional Development Program to serve as mentors to Elementary Science Educators and their students located in 2 inner-city schools within the Houston Independent School District; 2 Talented and Gifted Programs in 2 inner city schools within the Dallas Independent School District; 1 Public HBCU-based Charter Academy for Boys in Houston, Texas; 2 Faith-based Academies, one in Houston, Texas and the other in Atlanta, Georgia.

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