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Plan your AGU Itinerary

Please click on the link below to access the AGU scientific program and itinerary planner. You will follow the instructions on AGU's website for using the itinerary planner. Note, oral sessions will occur at the times noted in the itinerary planner. Poster sessions will occur on the day and AM or PM block noted in the itinerary planner – this means a poster scheduled at 8:00 AM can be viewed anytime during the morning. You can view posters and oral sessions on the same day by attending the posters before or after the oral sessions of interest to you.

Please search for all AGU workshops and networking/social events on the MS PHD'S-GEO REU agenda and include those in your itinerary.

Next search for scientific sessions relative to your field of research and select the ones of the most interest and relevancy to your academic and career goals. Note, when selecting scientific sessions, please do NOT choose any sessions that take place at the same time as the required MS PHD'S-GEO REU Professional Development Activities. We recommend that you have a copy of the MS PHD'S-GEO REU agenda in front of you when planning your AGU itinerary so that you can ensure you do not select sessions in conflict with MS PHD'S-GEO REU professional development activities.

Finally, be sure to search for the AGU presentations noted on the MS PHD'S-GEO REU agenda as (Optional). These are presentations given by MS PHD'S current and alumni participants and we encourage you to attend as many as you can. We like to be there to support one another and it’s a great way to get to meet and know the larger MS PHD’S family outside of your cohort. Also, your attendance at these presentations offers opportunities for discussion and professional critique to enhance participant presentation and critical review skills.

Once you have completed your itinerary, please print a copy and bring it with you to San Francisco. You will meet with your Program Mentor to review your proposed itinerary. Your mentor will offer feedback and suggestions for changes to your itinerary to maximize your AGU experience.

Click here to access the AGU Scientific Program.

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